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HAYYA ALAL FALAH (Come to the right way)

This is an invitation to all human beings to carry out and complete the deputyship for which Adam (AS) was created. The human should be bondsman for every sentient being in this universe.

The primary responsibility for a Muslim is that he must keep enough wellness in order to perform for the well-being of other creatures of Allah. Every Muslim should reveal every characteristic which is mandatory to maintain the well-being of the social order. His character should be in a way that will bring brightness to the world.

First of all, a human being should be honest with himself in the way that he must utilize the faculties granted to him by Almighty Allah in the manner taught by Allah, from his head to his feet, starting with his tongue, then his brain, and then conception and then self-importance (whether imagined or factual).

A person must make sure that he doesn’t hurt anyone with the use of his tongue, his hands or feet. He must abide by the rules instructed by Almighty Allah. He should not give in to hopelessness and set well-defined reason as the basis for his life. He must keep in mind the consequences of his actions, because when a person is conscious of the consequences then he will start his actions with goodness, and thus the wellbeing of all will be one of his main concerns.

The main point is that a person should reflect himself as creature of Almighty Allah by his manners and conduct, performing his obligations to the creation and making his existence beneficial for all of Allah’s other creation in society.

It is now common in human society, and especially in an Islamic society, that we charge others for our wrongful acts. From the top to bottom of our society, whether individually or collectively, we are not trying to correct our actions. If we analyze ourselves with due care, it is possible that we can move in a better direction individually as well as collectively. We will do the things that are ordered by Almighty Allah and for which we are created. As per our history, whenever a Muslim scrutinizes and takes corrective actions, he succeeds. It’s necessary to begin from oneself because an individual combines with other individuals to make a society, and then they build a nation.

For this purpose we must avoid and finish any egoism, selfness and greed from our heart and soul. We should avoid our personal concerns then it’s probable that we will achieve our desired objective. Every individual should try his/her best to perform his/her activities according to Almighty Allah’s commands.

We must think for the whole society and our aim is only and only peace. Our character should be polite. Serving the creation of Almighty Allah is our practice, these are the ethics and the completeness that is taught by Deen-e-Muhammadi (Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam).

We pray that Almighty Allah may grant us the power to respond and proceed in the correct way.



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